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What Does It Take To Grow From $1M to $10M? with Chase Clymer of Electric Eye

Episode Summary

Chase Clymer is co-founder of Electric Eye, an ecommerce agency. Chase’s focus is turning Shopify brands into well-oiled sales machines -- with strategy, design, development and marketing. But without strategy, the website can not do its job -- to sell products. I wanted to get behind the scenes and learn how Chase analyzes DTC brands and capitalizes on opportunities for growth. The three KPI that Electric Eye prioritizes provide some insight, as they focus on: Conversion Rate Average Order Value Website Traffic Each of the pillars tie directly to revenue, and can be measured and tested. Chase shares how he worked on various challenges, from building out an online strategy for Golden Steer Steak Company, a legacy Las Vegas restaurant; to expanding the reach of brands with large engaged audiences like clothing brand Pebby Forevee,

Episode Notes

Electric Eye website

Chase Clymer on Twitter 


Conversation Highlights: 

01:54-  The 3 main metrics that Chase focuses on for growth

06:25 - How Electric Eye built an online strategy for a legacy brick and mortar restaurant

15:15 - The challenges of building a compelling subscription DTC brand

17:45 - The content framework for User Generated Content at scale