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The Strategic Framework to Get Your eCommerce Emails Done Right, with Samar Owais

Episode Summary

Do you know why your emails aren’t converting the way that they should? Even if you have an amazing product, and raving fans, there is still more that you can do to deliver value by email. And email strategist Samar Owais knows how you can get there. We discuss Samar’s email playbook, and how she builds email sequences to boost conversions and revenue--from first purchase to repeat subscription orders. Samar is a seasoned expert in email marketing -- able to combine the macro level needs of the business, alongside the nuanced demands of today’s consumer. In this conversation, we discuss: - Samar’s conversion principles of eCommerce Emails Done Right - The different email sequences an ecommerce business must have - Frameworks for creating compelling and creative emails, no matter what niche you are in

Episode Notes

Show Highlights: 

01:50:  A breakdown of Samar's email audit checklist

10:30 Why Samar creates visual wireframes along with her email copy

16:25 How Samar hooks customers to repeat purchases

21:17 Content frameworks to make email creation easier (and more powerful)



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