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The Process-Driven Approach to Scaling Effective DTC Influencer Programs, with Paul Benigeri

Episode Summary

Influencer marketing sounds like a great opportunity: forging partnerships with media personalities that have large captive audiences. This can be effective to building awareness, driving sales, and creating a strong brand. But Paul Benigeri believes that there may be shortcomings to this model--costly, time-consuming, and uncertain ROI. Paul is Co-Founder & CEO of Archive, helping brands create a bespoke network of influencers. Previously, Paul was VP of Growth & Engineering at H.V.M.N. a nutritional supplements brand supporting a ketogenic diet. Some fascinating points we discussed: - Why nano-influencers should be the focus for ecommerce brands - Paul’s process for building the H.V.M.N. blog from nothing to 250k monthly organic visitors - How Paul systematically used customer data to personalize the on site experience, which lead to increases of 2,000% in opt ins

Episode Notes

Paul on Twitter: @benigeri



01:59  How Paul began his career in eCommerce at HVMN and how that inspired him to launch Archive

03:17 Why focus on Nano-influencers as opposed to larger influencers

06:28 What are the mechanics of an effective influencer campaign?

13:14 How H.V.M.N. allocated marketing budget based on channel

20:29 The process that H.V.M.N. used to grow its blog from 0 to 250k visitors/month in 14 months

28:00 How H.V.M.N. used customer data to power its personalization strategy

35:04 How Paul approaches customer experience to improve Lifetime Value