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The Accidental Entrepreneur Who Has Sold $30M of Golf Clubs, with Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

Episode Summary

In 2012, Tyler “Sully” Sullivan found himself fired from his job, with a child on the way. He had a side hustle of building golf clubs, which had some good initial feedback. A former high school golfer, Sully single-handedly build BombTech Golf into over $30 million in ecommerce sales in seven years. His strategy is counterintuitive, yet effective: a lean team with just one other employee, he deliberately takes a hands-off approach and works just a few hours a week. He’s achieved the 4 hour work week. In this conversation, he shares his marketing strategy, which focuses on: Email marketing that encourages engagement and conversations, over highly designed visual emails. Putting his story, and personal brand, front and center Carefully measuring and monitoring marketing investment holistically (as opposed to based on specific channels) Sully is a great example of how a narrow focus can achieve scale, especially in a huge niche with big players, like golf equipment. Find Sully on Linked In: BombTech Golf: Ecom Growers (Sully’s Email Marketing Agency):