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Opting in to Optimization: How Successful Ecommerce Brands Convert More Customers, Increase Profits, and Create Raving Fans with Jon MacDonald

Episode Summary

Jon MacDonald knows how to get website visitors to take action. As Founder of The Good, a conversion-rate optimization firm, he has worked with enterprise brands like Adobe, Nike, Xerox and more. And today, as demand increases for ecommerce brands, so too has customer expectations of what a shopping experience is. Brands need to understand these expectations in order to improve from foundational basics to advanced strategies. In this conversation, Jon expands on what the fundamentals of conversion rate optimization are, how and why discounting is a huge drain on profits, and how brands can capture customer data to improve personalization campaigns. Jon just released his second book, Opting In To Optimization, which is a set of principles that will help ecommerce leaders capitalize on unprecedented market demand and build sustainable, thriving businesses that can weather unexpected economic storms.

Episode Notes


04:52:  Why you need an objective perspective to improve your customer site experience.

07:54 How Easton improved their revenue by 270% in a year by uncovering pain points with a quiz

14:22 Why Jon believes that disconting is not optimization

27:28 What DTC brands can do to get started with conversion rate optimization



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