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How To Scale Your Team With a Team (at 7x Less than What You’d Normally Pay) with Yoni Kozminski

Episode Summary

I had a lightbulb “aha moment” in my conversation with Yoni Kozminski. Yoni Kozminski’s super power is in creating process improvements and building efficiencies at scale. Yoni is the Founder & CEO of Escala and MultiplyMii--where he connects companies with teams in the Philippines. What that means in reality: helping companies leverage overseas talent at a price that is 6-7x less than talent in other parts of the world. Here’s the key question that I asked myself while listening to Yoni: how do I spend my time, and how valuable are those tasks to moving the business forward? Ultimately, you value your time at the lowest cost task that you do. So if you spend two hours a day answering support tickets, but could offload that for $10/hour to another team member, your time is effectively valued at $10/hour. Could those hours (and energy) be more valuable elsewhere? These are the questions that Yoni’s team helps solve, by making a global work force a cost-effective option.

Episode Notes

00:37 -  How Yoni identified challenges of scaling growth at an agency

13:01 - How to avoid the most common pitfalls of hiring an offshore VA

17:35 - How the Entrepreneurs Operating System helps Yoni manage his team of 150

22:08 - The unit economics of a VA and how it compares to a full time employee

27:21 - Why founders need to understand where they spend their time, and how much that time is worth