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How to Scale Personalization in your eCommerce Funnel (and the tools you need to get there) with Dan McGaw

Episode Summary

The infrastructure, and tactics to digital marketing have changed dramatically in the last 10 years,. Dan McGaw has been at the forefront of those changes, as the CEO & Founder - an analytics and marketing technology consultancy and SaaS platform, - What does the modern tech stack look like? - What are useful and practical strategies to build it out? - What tools do you absolutely need? Or don’t need at all? - And what are the ideal outcomes that you can achieve with the tech stack? Dan answers these questions, and more in this conversation that gets into the weeds about attribution, analytics, and growth for ecommerce brands. Want a free copy of the book? Text MARTECH to 4 1 5 9 1 5 9 0 1 1 to get a free copy of Dan’s new book, “Build Cool Shit”! Listen to the episode to hear Dan’s take on the biggest opportunity for ecommerce marketers today (HINT: identify choke points in the funnel, where customers are falling out of the funnel, and then understand how to fix that).

Episode Notes



00:51 What does the ideal tech stack look like for an eCommerce entrepreneur?

05:31 How a customer data platform can add value to your tech stack

08:18 How to personalize at scale based on what a customer views

14:38 how to set up UTMs to add insights into attribution

23:12 How to identify red flags in attribution modeling (and why it can be costly)

24:49 Why Dan wrote a book called "Build Cool Shit" a blueprint to building a modern marketing tech stack