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How To Create A Customer Acquisition Flywheel with Referral Marketing, with Raul Galera

Episode Summary

Raul Galera is the Chief Advocate at ReferralCandy, the #1 referral program platform online. Referrals are the key for a lot of ecommerce brands, especially as acquisition costs and advertising costs continue to skyrocket. It’s why brands like Harry’s razors have gathered 100K emails in a single week. In this conversation, Raul and I dive into the strategies that ecommerce brands use to create a good (or bad) referral program. What I loved about this is that Raul is numbers driven. In fact, referral marketing is all about numbers – understanding what profit margins are, what can be offered as a discount or incentive, and how to track the contributions of your referral marketing. Referral Candy has helped over 30,000 customers since its founding a decade ago, with over $10M in annual revenue. What’s even more cool is that since then they’ve paid out over $300M in referral commissions to clients.

Episode Notes

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