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How To Create a Category-Defining Product, with Daniel Whitechurch, Co-Founder of Teelixir

Episode Summary

Daniel Whitechurch is a successful touring musician. But when he returned home from touring, he’d always be sick: viruses, flu, and general mental and physical fatigue. Upon investigating solutions, Daniel discovered adaptogens and other ancient superfoods to restore health. This journey evolved into Teelixir, a direct to consumer brand of everyday superfoods like medicinal mushrooms, tonic blends, and mushroom lattes. The COVID pandemic has, not surprisingly, been a huge boost for the business, as customers want to find natural ingredients to boost immune systems and stress. Although these products have ancient histories, they are often new and unfamiliar to shoppers. To make the purchase process easier, Daniel tested a quiz to gather leads, learn about customers, and get customers to the right product in the fastest time possible. Daniel shares his quiz strategies, and how it has helped him generate content ideas, and stay close to customer needs and challenges to improve Teelixir’s positioning. Daniel is constantly testing and learning, and did not hold back anything in this conversation of how he operates his email, SMS, and partnership program.

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Episode Highlights: 

00:22 The challenges and needs that drove Daniel to start Teelixir

04:33 The Impact of COVID-19 on Teelixir's growth

07:23 What channels have been working for driving brand awareness?

08:44 How giveaways are a growth strategy to find the right audience

10:15 How a quiz accomplishes key marketing goals of list growth and conversion for Teelixir

16:29 How Teelixir complements email & SMS Strategy

20:40 How Teelixir differentiates from competitive products