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How Tina Cheng Is Making a Statement with Customized Jewelry Brand, Capsul

Episode Summary

Tina Cheng founded Capsul Jewelry to make handcrafted customized jewelry at an accessible. Each order is designed, 3D printed and handcrafted, to capture life’s moments in timeless jewelry. Tina is taking on a jewelry industry: a $300 Billion dollar industry that has not evolved technologically in years, is highly fragmented, and largely dominated by males. Capsul is female-founded, specifically catering to women. In this conversation, Tina distills her extensive experience as a jewelry executive to reveal: - How she is building storytelling and emotions at the foundation of the brand - How she used a quiz to guide shoppers looking for gifts (to a 20% increase in Average Order Value) - How the iOS 14 changes have impacted their advertising striategies on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode Notes

Show Highlights: 

1:40 - How Capsul is innovating by creating customized jewelry

7:37 - How Capsul conveys the value and quality of jewelry to differentiate from other customized jewelry

10:44 -  How storytelling and emotion differentiates Capsul

13:37 - How Tina communicates with customers after a purchase

15:19 -  How Capsul leveraged a quiz to help guide shoppers to the right product

21:26 -  The breakdown of Capsul traffic and conversion

26:43 - The impact of iOS 14.5 changes on Facebook ads and conversions

28:38 - How Tina manages her global workforce

31:29 - On personalization and mass customization


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