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How Marea's Organically Growing To Impact the 800 Million Women Who Menstruate Daily, with Monica Grohne

Episode Summary

Monica Grohne is Founder of Marea, a wellness brand dedicated to solving the physical and emotional challenges of PMS symptoms. Marea is a science-backed multivitamin with 15 key vitamins and minerals to help ease the symptoms of menstruating women. 80% of women suffer from at least one PMS symptom every month, yet the solution did not exist….until Monica created her PMS elixir. But Marea is far more than the multivitamin that they sell: it offers education, community, and emotional support. In this conversation, Monica shares her experiences bootstrapping Marea and focusing on the fundamentals that allow her to grow organically: a solution to a problem that plagues many women. A product that customers love. A community that offers support and education. A few of the pillars that Monica credits for her success: - Personalization at scale: Monica onboards new users with a personalized video that she records for each individual for signing up. - High-tough onboarding process: the benefits of Marea require a commitment to consistent usage of the product every month. The onboarding process and engagement help drive adoption and customer success. - Education: both content for top-of-funnel organic traffic and for the community of paying customers, there is a wealth of education from medical advisors who share content and lead workshops. This also provides emotional support and connectedness that can’t be found elsewhere. This is a conversation about methodically honing in on the product and customer experience to drive organic growth. Combine that with a product that solves an intense pain point, Marea is posed to continue its fast rise with its product, community, education, and emotional support.

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