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How Instacart Be A Profitable Acquisition Channel for your Brand, With Naira Perez

Episode Summary

Naira Perez is Founder of SpringHill Digital, with over two decades of marketing experience. One channel she’s been focusing on to help brands grow: Instacart. I didn’t know that paid ads for Instacart was even a conceivable channel, but it has significant upside, if the strategy is executed properly. Naira comes from a background in direct response advertising, building brands on TV before digital was even a thing. In this conversation, we cover topics on how she helps her ecommerce clients scale, by understanding her audience, and using that knowledge to target and segment more effectively.

Episode Notes


0:52 -  Instacart and its growing importance in the pandemic

8:46 -  Ownership and analysis of customer data

12:46 -  How to identify keywords, and opportunities, with Instacart paid search

16:16 -  How to get initial traction when a brand launches

24:10 -  How to prioritize when resources are limited


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