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How Frugality, Scrappiness & Persistence Drove Success for Vitafive, with Nik Hall

Episode Summary

Nik Hall launched Vitafive with his friend and college roommate Garrett Adair when they were in college. And that’s when things were fun--creating the product, crafting the business plan, and seeing the success of DTC pioneers like Dollar Shave Club and imagining the same for themselves. The celebration and fun of starting a business sometimes comes too soon. Nik and the Vitafive team had to fight through with grit, persistence, and hard work to get to the omnichannel success that the brand has now achieved. Built a custom website for $250k, scrapped to launch with Shopify Paid themselves $7k in the first year, working 60 hour weeks Generating $3k in sales after the first 9 months--with 100 customers. Spent $10k on FB before getting sales The change came when they figured out their marketing funnel (starting with Facebook and Instagram), moved to Shopify, and established a recurring customer base. Nik shares his strategies with remarkable transparency in growing Vitafive into a multichannel leading brand in this interview!

Episode Notes