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eCommerce Personalization: How Prehook x Omnisend’s Integration Can Drive Revenue & Loyalty

Episode Summary

Consumers are frustrated when they receive a customer experience that is not personalized. And if their experience is personalized, they are more likely to purchase more often, and spend more. It’s no secret that personalization is critical for DTC brands. But in light of iOS 14.5, GDPR, and the death of third party cookies, it is harder to gather the customer data to create personalized experiences. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that the integration of Prehook and Omnisend is officially live! Here’s why this matters for you: - Get more customer data in a fun, engaging way - Accelerate lead growth -- capture emails and SMS with Prehook, and send directly to Omnisend - Create tighter segments, and dynamically personalize email, SMS and web notifications from Omnisend The Prehook and Omnisend integration are a big step towards personalizing, at scale! In this conversation, Sr. Partner Manager at Omnisend, Jon Knott shares strategies and insights on how merchants drive incremental revenue from Omnisend automations. For example, high end chocolatier To’ak Chocolate and their strategy to automate conversions in their automations. The integration of Prehook and Omnisend can unlock personalization, a memorable customer experience, and the increased conversions that come when unique customer data is unlocked and used in email & SMS marketing campaigns.

Episode Notes


1:29 - Why segmentation is the key to a powerful email strategy

7:16 - On zero-party data vs. first-party data--and why you want both!

10:54 - How Omnisend can drive better segmentation automatically with RFM segmentation

17:01 - To'ak Chocolate -- how they are using automations to personalize the chocolate-tasting experience.

22:02 - How to effectively use automations of campaigns to drive email revenue

23:37 - How Omnisend differentiates from Klaviyo

29:01 - iOS 15 and the impact on email marketing

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