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Behind-the-Scenes: On The Path to Building a 7 Figure Automotive Brand, with Connor Gross

Episode Summary

Connor Gross is co-founder of Respoke Collection, selling Custom Car Portraits. At 24, he’s already sold a 7 figure ecommerce brand, has bought several businesses, and hosts a podcast for ecommerce entrepreneurs in their 20s. Now he’s on the journey of building an even bigger brand with Respoke Collection. And what’s even more fun is that he is all about sharing the knowledge of what he’s learning and doing. This includes: - His rationale and strategy for getting press mentions, and how he uses HARO to do so. - The conversion rates behind every step of his funnel, from facebook ads, email, and on site conversion rate. - The step by step break down of his welcome series and abandoned cart emails. - How he segments his email list based on purchase history — and what the goal is with each segment Connor generously gets in the weeds and does not hold back in revealing how he is growing his portfolio of ecommerce and digital assets.

Episode Notes


3:08 - How Connor started Cardly in college…and sold the 7 figure brand

8:35 -  How Connor operates Respoke Collection to scale a bespoke art company

12:52 -  Why Connor loves his new business model with Respoke Collection

14:08 -  The benefits and economics of Print on Demand businesses

16:28 -  How Respoke Collection is growing with partnerships and press

18:36 -  How PR is the great equalizer for upstart brands -- and Connor's key source (HARO)

20:29 -  Why "Spin to Win" is a great opt in

22:37 -  How Connor builds out email automations that convert

26:50 -  The Abandoned Cart Series that Connor has found huge success with.

29:33 -  The post-purchase follow up series to drive cross sell revneue

31:50  The additional digital properties that Connor has purchased and how he plans to grow them

33:17 -  What defines the successful from unsuccessful ecommerce brands



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